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Subject:   JDBC support for Cursors
Date:   2003-08-22 15:56:05
From:   anonymous2
Response to: JDBC support for Cursors

I've been trying to get Postgres to return a cursor as a ResultSet for a long time. I've seen that they can be returned as strings, and then a second query can be issued with the "FETCH ALL IN "<unnamed cursor 1>" syntax in a standard JDBC PreparedStatement.executeQuery(). Obviously, it would be much better to get the ResultSet in one query. However, I tried your example (after fixing the many typos in your stored procedures and Java code), but the JDBC driver throws this exception:

Exception in thread "main" No class found for refcursor
at org.postgresql.jdbc1.AbstractJdbc1Connection.getObject(

This is using PostgreSQL 7.3.4 with its supplied JDBC driver. What version did you write this support for?

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  • JDBC support for Cursors
    2003-08-23 07:07:58  nferrier [View]

    I wrote the PG JDBC code for getting a ResultSet from a cursor return value earlier this year.

    Unfortunately, PostgreSQL 7.4 has taken much longer to reach release than I hoped. It is now in BETA so you should be able to get a tar ball going quite easily. The 7.4 JDBC driver will work on a 7.3 database with no problems.