Memoization in Java Using Dynamic Proxy Classes
Subject:   Caching decision at run time
Date:   2003-08-22 00:17:43
From:   tomwhite
Response to: Caching decision at run time

This is a nice idea. Getting the framework to make a performance descision at runtime would be very neat (analogous to the HotSpot compiler deciding which code to optimise). Do you have an idea of what the usage pattern would be? I.e. would there be an extra method call that the client would have to make?


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  • Caching decision at run time
    2009-06-26 11:12:51  rockslovejava [View]


    I am working on an application where there is a lots of interaction with the database. Now we are using caching but I am having adoubt how much data we can store in cache, i have set some limit in data storage, e.g like not more than 10 items would be cached at a same time. but the data is huge, could you please suggest or guide like whather should i go with that.

    i am targetting some data to be put in user session scope(not much).

    please suggest