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  Building Your Personal Anti-Spam Strategy
Subject:   Reply address ping test spam killing strategies...
Date:   2003-08-17 06:44:31
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Reply address ping test spam killing strategies...

For the ping test, you could not do an actual ping as the email domain server may not have ping switched on for security reasons. If by ping you mean connecting to the senders mail server and checking the email from address, this can be done quite easily. Valid emails such as newsletters may have a no-reply address which is not valid. So a category of false positives is opened up.

ID theft occurs continually, bouncing emails to a stolen address makes the problem worse, especially for the unluck recipient.

By the time your mail server accepts your email address the spammers know they have a valid address. Tackling the problem at the front end is already too late...


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  • Reply address ping test spam killing strategies...
    2003-10-05 23:05:45  anonymous2 [View]

    can you please help me out in figuring out whether an emaila ddress is valid or not.

    I am student from India doing my MCA, i am doing a project which should validate emailaddress.

    There are many components available for this, but like to do it by myself