Stored Procedures for Java Programmers
Subject:   getResults?
Date:   2003-08-15 06:15:38
From:   anonymous2
I am a little confused by the 'getResults' references in a couple of the examples. I don't see any definition of that reference in the preceeding code. Is that a typo or something I don't get?
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  • getResults?
    2003-08-15 13:07:39  nferrier [View]

    It's confusing because I renamed the variables without adequate checking.

    In both examples the call to getResults.execute() should actually be toesUp.execute() (and also getResults.getObject()). In other words, call execute() on the stored proc.

    Many apologies for this and other typos.
    • getResults?
      2005-03-03 11:16:28  Functions [View]

      Hi This Shaharulla,

      I did the same as you had given in artical but I am recieving an error like this

      Exception: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: cursor "<unnamed portal 1>" does not exist

      Can I know your suggestions on this

      Thanking you