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  Stored Procedures for Java Programmers
Subject:   code inconsistencies
Date:   2003-08-14 11:50:02
From:   anonymous2
Good article, but please ensure that the code is consistent. Variable names used in the examples often don't correspond to their declarations. In one 5 line code snippet, you called the CallableStatement by 3 different variable names. Please check your work.
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  • code inconsistencies
    2003-08-14 12:25:29  nferrier [View]

    whoops! sorry about that.

    For those interested the code of the first snippet should read:

    CallableStatement proc=connection.prepareCall(...);
    proc.setString(1, poetName);

    Other examples have a confusion between proc and procedure.

    One again, apologies.
  • code inconsistencies
    2003-08-14 12:34:32  chromatic | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    That was my fault. I replaced 'proc' with 'procedure' in the text and accidentally changed the code snippets too. I'm updating the code in the article now.