Five Lessons You Should Learn from Extreme Programming
Subject:   Development with XP, but without a team
Date:   2003-08-08 23:25:13
From:   anonymous2
Hi, this article contains the most important rules from XP and is nice to read.

My problem with XP is to begin a new project based on open source and without a concretely team.
This can occur when i start my ideas to implement, but i haven't a possible partner to pair with him.
I try to obtain some programers as soon as possible.
But what's with the time i waste until i found some interested people.

But my greatest problem is to develop an open source project, without a concretely customer, who write automated tests.

I look forward to some responses!

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  • Development with XP, but without a team
    2003-08-09 23:40:50  chromatic | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    When I first learned about XP, I was working as a system administrator and contributing to open source projects in my spare time. Those are the same questions I had.

    I'm putting together a followup article entitled "Five Things Open Source Developers Should Learn from Extreme Programming" that will go into more detail. It should be ready in about three weeks.

    For now, my best advice is to wear two hats. One hat is for the customer. Look at things from a user's point of view. The other hat is the normal developer hat.

    It can be tricky to combine these responsibilities, but if you have the discipline to follow the other XP practices, you'll be able to do this one.

    Thanks for the comments!