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Subject:   Shared Space 2.0
Date:   2003-08-08 16:27:34
From:   bencopsey
///shameless plug////
My own application, Shared Space 2.0, is a tool in a similar vein to some mentioned here, but with many unique features. You can structure textual information in a spider web fashion, using visual links to describe the structure of information.

It also allows you to include documents from any application in your structures, and the application's built in version control allows you to keep track of changes.

In my humble (biased!) opinion, it's well worth the meagre $25 I'm asking for it!

Find out more at ->

///shameless plug////

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  • Shared Space 2.0
    2003-08-08 20:31:18  anonymous2 [View]

    Shared Space looks neat and I'm going to download it and give it a try, but is it really reasonable to ask people to pay for something you describe in your own words as:

    "Please please please bear in mind that Shared-Space 2.0 is beta-quality software, and should not be used for anything really important."

    • Shared Space 2.0
      2003-08-09 00:12:23  bencopsey [View]

      (This forum seems to be broken, I got an internal server error and my reply has gone to the top of the list) :(