Five Lessons You Should Learn from Extreme Programming
Subject:   XP or What ?
Date:   2003-08-07 07:40:02
From:   anonymous2
Mr. o'Reilly, congratulations, Im one old programmer, I believe that I know something about of programing, but I always have problems with Operating System and Languaje of programing. Now Im finishing one Magister in networks and all my friends of studys have same problems. We believes that with YOUR peer to peer technology, meme maps, setty, etc. Do it something. Excume my English. We are from Barquisimeto Venezuela. Bye...
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  • XP or What ?
    2003-08-08 15:59:29  anonymous2 [View]



    Si, tu ingles esta un poco piche, pero bueno, practica y mejoralo ;)

    Saludos de un venezolano en Stamford, CT.


    It is a good article. Now i'm wondering how to apply the techniques described above.

    • Where to Start
      2003-08-08 16:48:47  chromatic | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Thanks for the comments.

      In the book, I recommend building a healthy team as the first step. If you already have this, great! It's a lot easier to sit down and figure out what your biggest problem is.

      If you can't really do that as a team, at least you've identified your biggest problem.

      That's where I'd start. Chances are, everyone can identify something that you could do better. Trace those back to the source and you have a starting point.