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  Adding Transactions to Servlets with JOTM
Subject:   transactions and the web
Date:   2003-08-07 01:50:31
From:   jeff.mesnil
Response to: transactions and the web

For proprietary interfaces, I was refering to the fisrt paper (Constructing Reliable Web Applications with Atomic Actions) where they define their own toolkit (W3OTrans). In their second paper , they're using OTS which is a standard API (I'd even say that is more standard than JTA). My mistake!

As for opensource having commoditized transactions, I still think that it is true but only in the context of EJB. What we'd like to manage with JOTM is to bring the same ease of use of transactions in the context of Web applications.


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  • transactions and the web
    2003-08-07 07:40:00  anonymous2 [View]

    I find your last paragraph interesting: isn't there already work going on in that space with JSR 156? Are you (or ObjectWeb) involved? Seems like you should be IMO.

    Also, what's your take on WS-CAF, WS-T and BTP then? Surely you're not advocating using the JOTM semantics you've described here for Web services transactions, when everyone else has basically said it's wrong?