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Subject:   Using a Wiki
Date:   2003-08-06 07:14:34
From:   cothomps
I tend to use NoteTaker for "heavy duty" note taking, relating to very specific things. (i.e. A Notebook for a particular software project, etc.)

However, a really simple way of keeping quick notes that can be easily accessed is to simply install a Wiki running under your Apache server. The simplest one that I have found to wit is the UseMod Wiki. Simply drop the script into your Apache "CGI-Executables" directory, make a few modifications (where to store the WIki files, etc.) and everything "just works". I use the Wiki to keep links to "Other Stuff", to take quick notes, or links to other documentation in one place. (Links to local copies of Java, Python, Ruby documentation, project notes & ideas, etc.)

The cost is also right (can't beat "free and open source")...

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  • Using a Wiki
    2005-02-18 16:50:36  thedaniel [View]

    I agree with the statements on wiki usage - I have been using Instiki, and it has been a life-changer.
  • Using a Wiki
    2003-08-06 13:58:18  anonymous2 [View]

    Have to concur. I'm working on my dissertation in a Wiki (I use zwiki on Zope) and it is a godsend. Wiki is just fabulous for handling multiple interrelationships between things. If you can get past the lack of a top-down visual, it ends up being like n-dimensional mind-mapping software.