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Subject:   DEVONthink
Date:   2003-08-06 04:07:27
From:   anonymous2
Response to: DEVONthink

Yes, Devon Think is excellent. I tried Notetaker for a while, and couldn't believe how awful it was. I have to say I haven't tried it recently, but the experience really put me off. Devon have a few other related products out or in the pipeline which really look interesting, especially for researchers.
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  • DEVONthink
    2003-08-06 16:55:04  lolajl [View]

    I'm trying out Devon Think, and I think it's a bit of an overkill.

    What I'm doing is comparing it with NoteTaker (I'll get around to NoteBook once I get a feeling for it) and creating a list of Blackberry device options (I'm thinking about getting one of these) in each program and seeing how well each program does what I want.

    What I'm trying to do ths is:

    Telecommunications device

    Blah, blah, and store notes about each one.

    DevonThink GUI is not very intuitive and involves too much clicking around. Create a folder, then click on icon and create a rich text file. Paste in URL and it isn't a hotlink.

    NoteTaker - create items in an outline format simply by using key combos, drag-drop URL, click on it and be able to bring it up in the browser.

    I downloaded Devon's manual and it's way too technospeak for my taste, and no pictures. If I had pictures to go along with what's in this manual, maybe I'd grok this program better.

    Right now, Notetaker wins out. I'm not sure exactly what it is that I'm missing with Devon. If there was a sample file provided with the demo, I'd understand it better as to what it's supposed to be doing.