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  JavaScript and Mac OS
Subject:   DHTML menu using javascript 1.2
Date:   2003-08-06 02:31:25
From:   anonymous2
As a non apple user I find it frustrating writing web pages with javascript that can be viewed with macs. In particular DHTML menus which are obviously critical to be seen.Using javascript 1.2 macs cant see the menu and I dont know hope to get around it.
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  • DHTML menu using javascript 1.2
    2003-12-17 05:03:37  anonymous2 [View]

    Web browsers on the mac:

    Omniweb / Safari ( Webkit/kjs+khtml/konquerer)
    Camino, Mozilla, Netscape, Firebird (Gecko)
    IE (discontinued)

    I do dhtml on the mac.
    Use mozilla for testing. If it works in mozilla, it'll probably also work in the webkit browsers and opera.
    IE is a problem, but it s discontinued. Most mac users don't use it anymore.

    Regards, Jack.