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  A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Subject:   The 5 Spot
Date:   2003-08-01 13:01:19
From:   anonymous2
I never, ever purchase Audio CDs. Why? They are way overpriced. I simply will not pay $15 for some newly released album that might have 2 songs I care for.

On the other hand, if prices were lowered to $5 across the board for all CDs past and present, I would build a monumental collection. That price point would generate more sales than the RIAA could imagine - enough to offset the current markups I would suggest. After all, $1 profit on 10 million albums is the same as $5 profit on 2 million albums.

Stop raping the customer and lower the prices or get squashed by the medieval peasants.


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  • The 5 Spot
    2003-08-09 08:21:11  anonymous2 [View]

    I'm sure any good study would confirm what my friend (a record store manager) says: while new CD sales have dropped, the sales of used CDs have remained constant. Why would this be the case? Perhaps they are reasonably priced?

    The record companies' response to file sharing was to raise CD prices yet again (to make up for losses), but this just drove more people from the stores. And then the RIAA screams even louder about "piracy". Wrong again. It's what happens when corporations become reliant on legislation-for-sale rather than good business practices to get ahead.
  • The 5 Spot
    2003-08-03 17:30:15  anonymous2 [View]

    on one hand, i dropped 17 bucks on missy's cd,and their were only 2 songs that i even listen to. now, i dont see any artist starvin, and if they are, they might want to scale back a bit like the rest of us....pawn some of those diamonds and learn how to economize......on the other hand, i down loaded a couple of songs from Rkellys new cd, fell in love and had to have the wh ole thing and it was well worth my 17 bucks.