The Care and Feeding of Your iPod
Subject:   Any tips on fixing the scroll wheel?
Date:   2003-07-30 22:37:57
From:   anonymous2
My original 5GB iPod's scroll wheel is so loose that just walking at a moderate pace causes the volume to go to 11 or vanish entirely unless I switch the hold button on (or keep my thumb on the wheel). I've never dared to open it up, and I'm wondering if there's any easy way to tighten the scroll wheel back to its original state?


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  • Any tips on fixing the scroll wheel?
    2003-07-31 12:05:44  gbshuler [View]

    You need to grease the bearings. The original factory grease dissipates over time. When the grease is gone, the wheel moves much more freely. In fact it will rotate on its own by moving the iPod. I need to do this also, so I hope someone can post where to get the grease at. I will try to find the site which had pictures and everything you need and post it here..
    • Any tips on fixing the scroll wheel?
      2003-07-31 13:24:40  anonymous2 [View]

      Here is a discussion on the topic.
      Still no mention of what product to use
      other than one guy who used "marine" grease
      from Home Depot.
      • Any tips on fixing the scroll wheel?
        2003-09-10 19:22:14  anonymous2 [View]

        I used two tiny drops of white lithium grease (available at Home Depot) deposited on the ball bearing wheel under the wheel. Works like new!