The Care and Feeding of Your iPod
Subject:   changing the harddisk
Date:   2003-07-30 01:01:11
From:   anonymous2
it seems to be not soo complicated to open the ipod actually. so i was wondering: is there a way to exchange
the harddisk with a bigger one?
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  • New iPod drive? Only if you work for Toshiba..
    2003-07-31 12:10:37  gbshuler [View]

    The 1.8 Toshiba hard drives used in the iPod are not available for purchase. They used to be sold only to Apple. Now there is another product using them, but the Apple ones still have special firmware and a Apple "tattoo" (silkscreen) on the drive indicating so. Without that it won't work.

    Second reason you can't.. The cases are all different sizes depending on what drive and what edition of the iPod you have. In other words the case wouldn't fit the new drive.

    Forget about it.. Apple is using state of the art drives.
  • changing the harddisk
    2003-07-30 06:58:14  anonymous2 [View]

    You could change the hard drive quite easily, the problem comes with partitioning the drive to match the iPods expected scheme.

    There was an article linked to from that detailed how to remove the volume limiter on european iPods. These instructions also appear to include information on the iPod's partition scheme and how to set it up and then put the firmware back on the OS partition.
    • changing the harddisk
      2003-07-30 07:29:29  anonymous2 [View]

      you dont happen to remeber around what time that article
      was posted on slashdot?
      • changing the harddisk
        2003-07-30 09:07:26  anonymous2 [View]

        July 29, 2003. If you go to it's the second article that shows up.
      • changing the harddisk
        2003-07-30 08:25:34  anonymous2 [View]

        The article relates to removing the high dB restriction level set at 100dB in Europe on consumer devices ...

        You can find it at, scroll down to the last entry or follow the links offsite


        • changing the harddisk
          2003-07-31 12:13:22  gbshuler [View]

          And Europeans wonder why there is no iTunes Music store for them? Too many regulations over there.. The EU idea will hopefully help eventually. For example.. If Italy says 99dB max and France says 100bD and Germany says 95bD, etc..