Defending Your Site Against Spam
Subject:   If you are not a geek, use Cloudmark
Date:   2003-07-28 22:54:29
From:   anonymous2
this is an incredibly technical discussion and I guess if you run your own mail server you want that. But the author of one of the most popular open source solutions, Razor, has founded a company to make Spam killing simple and easy to use. It is Check it out.
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  • If you are not a geek, use Cloudmark
    2003-07-28 23:34:02  drunelson [View]

    Well, actually, this article is not about that.
    This article is for the people who administer
    your mail and protect you from the 5000 pieces
    of spam that could be headed to your account
    in the span of an hour. Cloudmark uses the fingerprint/signature system I mention in the
    first article, and it will not protect you
    or your servers resources from a Klez cluster