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Subject:   Learning C first and a word of caution
Date:   2003-07-26 03:11:40
From:   anonymous2

With all the talk about learning C first, that is fine with me. But I do not believe that there are any books that do teach me how to do that in (what is now called) xcode. I do have books on C and C++, and they soon start talking how things work in the Borland compiler etc. I do NOT want to know that, I want to learn it in the Mac environment I use, and I welcome this series (but hope a book follows).

A kind word of caution to the author: You write very well, making me understand everything you write. But beware: I've seen a good many books which start that way, but when things get harder, the explanations get shorter and less clear. To get us to program, keep up the current clarity.



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  • Learning C first and a word of caution
    2003-07-26 16:31:07  anonymous2 [View]

    There's a tutorial for Project Builder at CocoaDevCentral:

    I guess you'll be able to find your way in Xcode with that one (basically, just create a Standard Tool project and type in your code into the main.c file...)
    • Learning C first and a word of caution
      2003-07-27 11:29:43  anonymous2 [View]

      Great link. Thanks.

      • Learning C first and a word of caution
        2006-12-13 00:30:59  sparcdr [View]

        SpiderWorks has two C books specifically for XCode, which can be downloaded in PDF form for 15 dollars, or bought in paper form.

        I also recommend Aaron Hillegass' Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X book.

        I personally own the Advanced Programming book, but this is more low-level.