Why Web Developers Need JavaServer Faces
Subject:   Why Sun?
Date:   2003-07-24 08:08:38
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Why Sun?

What are you talking about? It's not just Sun. It's a JSR, which comes from the JCP -- have you looked at the list of contributors to the JSR 127 (JavaServer Faces)? I see IBM, Macromedia, Oracle, Siemens, Fujitsu, HP, and more.

The reason why "everything and the kitchen sink" gets thrown into a JSR is not necessarily because of Sun -- more likely it's because the JSR will never get approved unless each entity involved in it gets a piece of the pie (has some feature that is crucial to their agenda).

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  • Why Sun?
    2003-07-25 20:15:26  anonymous2 [View]

    "I see IBM, Macromedia, Oracle, Siemens, Fujitsu, HP, and more."

    And what web app frameworks have they built? Oh, wait... none. Craig built a web app framework, and created about the biggest pile of inflexible code I could imagine.

    JSF is weak, and yet tools will be supporting it and it will be called the "standard" for building web applications in Java. Shame on the JCP for this setback.

    Jason Carreira
    • Why Sun?
      2003-07-28 06:02:20  jimothy [View]

      "And what web app frameworks have they built? Oh, wait... none."

      Precisely! That's the problem, companies that have little to no experience building a framework for a particular purpose being charged with building a "standardized" framework. My guess is we'll wind up with the "biggest pile of inflexible code" all over again.
    • Why Sun?
      2003-07-28 05:37:52  anonymous2 [View]

      Macromedia, IBM and Oracle are in the business of selling application servers, plus development tools, so I can see why they'd be interested in contributing to this JCP. Macromedia is also probably interested in exploring what can be done with Flash-based JSF libraries.

      I didn't hear that they were going to deprecate JSP or HTML, so if you don't like the idea of working with JSF, by all means don't waste your time. Also, I hear far more buzz about JSF from developers/OSS proponents than I do from vendors.