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Subject:   Can I use objective C in Windows?
Date:   2003-07-23 22:53:08
From:   anonymous2
Is there an objective C compiler for MS Windows? I'm afraid I'm stuck with it for the time being.


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  • Can I use objective C in Windows?
    2010-07-20 15:54:32  cleverapps [View]

    If you just want to experiment, there's an Objective-C compiler for .NET (Windows) here:
  • Can I use objective C in Windows?
    2003-07-29 06:02:59  retro [View]

    You can use Objective-C with one of the compilers already mentioned, but that alone is not going to allow you to build "Cocoa" applications per se. "Cocoa" is a "framework" or set of prewritten classes and methods (in C they call them "functions") that is unique to the Mac OS X platform. Unfortunately, you will not be able to program applications that use Cocoa from your Windows box.
  • Can I use objective C in Windows?
    2003-07-24 07:54:45  anonymous2 [View]

    Yes. Check out DJGPP at
  • Can I use objective C in Windows?
    2003-07-24 00:17:06  senjaz [View]

    While I can't answer that question with a definite I'm reasonably certain: yes.

    Firstly Obj-C support is built into GCC which as a cross platform compiler should run on Windows.

    GNUStep is an open source effort to clone the old OpenStep frameworks which became Mac OS X when Apple bought NeXT. See

    You might need to use cygwin ( which is a set of a dll and other tools to allow you to compile and run otherwise UNIX only programs.

    I know this is the Mac OS X section but it's a worthy question, and so I for one would be interested to know how you get on.