Weblog:   The Missing Open Source Projects, from an Enterprise POV
Subject:   Distributed CRON and Messaging
Date:   2003-07-15 11:40:53
From:   patrickdlogan
I would tie these two topics together. One solid open source foundation has been very well proven: Erlang OTLP.

The Erlang system seems to me to be well more than 80 percent of an industrial strength CRON.

Other open source language providers should look to Erlang OLTP for the ingredients that simplify scalable, monitored, distributed systems.


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  • Distributed CRON and Messaging
    2003-07-19 13:43:42  Robert Lefkowitz | [View]

    I agree that Erlang has a number of capabilities that simplify building distributed systems. However, it is a language and a platform -- one would still need to build a distributed cron application. And as you point out on your blog, it would be difficult to build a sustaining community around such a project developed in Erlang.

    One could then argue that the facilities that Erlang provides could be incorporated into other more popular development tools / languages. That suggests the "Source Terminator" project -- combining good ideas from multiple projects. Unfortunately for distributed cron, the work involved in combining Erlang and Mono, or Erlang and Python probably exceeds the effort required to just go ahead and build distributed cron using C the old fashioned way.

    It is a shame that it is so difficult to build sustaining projects out of brilliant but unknown languages (check out Aplus ). Likewise a shame that we don't know how to incorporate these ideas into the mainstream more effectively.


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