Apache Web Serving with Jaguar
Subject:   no http - access!
Date:   2003-07-11 01:13:15
From:   anonymous2
How is it possible that ... apache claims to be running (the buttons do) but I couldn't access
any file through http://...
where could I start to look for the error? (there shouldn't be any, it's newly installed: osX 10.1.2 on an external 'fw-hd')
I'd be immensly grateful for any suggestion


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  • no http - access!
    2003-11-14 06:55:09  anonymous2 [View]

    perhaps you should take a look at the user rights for the folder...

    with my machine it worked with
    user: hte-user-i-am-logged-in
    group: www (the apache group)

    the rights (chmod) should be 750 or rwxr-x---

    if you donīt know what this means, open the terminal and type:
    man chown (owner and group)
    man chmod (the access rights)

    both commands chown and chmod have to be run as sudo.

    hope this will help you