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Subject:   Disc Copy?
Date:   2003-07-09 04:13:49
From:   anonymous2
Disc Copy does not exist in Panther. .dmg files are mounted directly in the Finder and are created using the improved Disc Utility which handles all disk related activities.
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  • Disc Copy?
    2003-07-09 06:54:20  anonymous2 [View]

    Disk Copy does exist. It's functionality was rolled into Disk Utility. Apple seems to have combined a number of apps in Panther to reduce the number of icons the use sees.
  • Disc Copy?
    2003-07-09 20:16:45  Michael Brewer | [View]

    That's true, Disk Copy has been rolled into Disk Utility and Finder also provides some of its functionality directly. However, most people don't have access to Panther right now, so I used Disk Copy to illustrate how it would be handled now under Jaguar -- and people could follow along.

    Still, I should have mentioned that it would change in Panther.
    • Disc Copy?
      2003-07-23 10:51:14  anonymous2 [View]

      So how would you burn a disk image? Like a dev tools image from
      • Disc Copy?
        2003-08-13 20:41:26  anonymous2 [View]

        while the image is selected in disc utility go to images then select burn