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  Advanced OOP: Multimethods
Subject:   A question
Date:   2003-07-08 09:35:03
From:   cbthiess
First, I much-enjoyed the article. Multimethods are indeed an interesting topic. In fact, some common patterns, such as Visitors (double dispatch), are merely a means of getting around the single-dispatch limitations of languages.

I have a question, however. Can you provide some links to existing languages which provide multimethods? I'm specifically interesting in what types of method-matching algorithms have been used.


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  • A question
    2003-07-08 09:38:45  quilty [View]

    Two languages to look at are CLOS and Dylan. Well, the first is an extension of Common Lisp, not a language per se. Haskell does something analogous too, but its FP paradigm is sufficiently far from OOP that it might not be an immediate example.