Understanding Interfaces in .NET
Subject:   New Fangled Interfaces
Date:   2003-07-06 16:26:18
From:   anonymous2
Response to: New Fangled Interfaces

Or to mention the fact that Java has had similar interfaces for nearly ten years. The idea of an interface is not new or revolutionary, and definately not introduced with .NET.
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  • New Fangled Interfaces
    2005-01-27 09:30:56  Larutan [View]

    VB had interfaces before VB.NET. It didn't have the same look as it does in .NET when creating an Interface.

    (.NET lets you know its an interface)
    End Interface

    In old VB you just created a new class module (with only methods and properties). In fact that's why you were supposed to put an 'I' at the beginning of your interface name (COM standards). Otherwise it just looked like a regular class.