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Subject:   little typo
Date:   2003-07-04 17:57:56
From:   anonymous2
To be current for PHP 4.3.2, html_entities should read htmlentities (delete the underscore.)

Thanks, Adam for a helpful example.


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  • Adam Trachtenberg photo little typo
    2003-07-21 13:06:00  Adam Trachtenberg | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Mat --

    Yup. You're correct. I mixed the function's naming convention with html_entity_decode(), its sister.

    • little typo
      2004-11-07 21:35:53  stimms [View]

      I also ran into a small issue if authors was undefined. Checking for the existance of authors seemed to help

      $Authors = implode(" and ", $hit->Authors);

      I also noticed that the results of the query were stored in $books at first and then jumped to being stored in $hits.