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Subject:   Create Disk Images of Your CD's for Quicker, Easier Access
Date:   2003-06-19 10:13:16
From:   anonymous2
I've taken the extra step after archiving selected albums as you described above to then make a Disk Image of the CD archive using Disk Copy. That way I can keep the Disk Images on my home file server so my wife can access the files any time she wants without having to go and retrieve a CD. This serves the dual purpose of cutting down iPhoto's library to increase performance but at the same time keeping the images easily accessible.

When you mount the disk image, it comes up in iPhoto just as it would when you insert the CD. I've even started to do the archives using a CD-RW disk that can then be erased and reused. That way I can create many smaller archives that I then burn onto a DVD as an emergency backup.

Just thought someone else might like this idea...