How to Manage Large Image Libraries with iPhoto 2
Subject:   or you could just use iView Multimedia...
Date:   2003-06-18 07:02:27
From:   surajrai
If you are a pro or somebody who deals with thousands of files, you should really look into iView Media Pro. It is very good and higly efficient program. I have over 4,000 images in a catalog and it loads the catalog in no time even in a 500 Mhz iBook.


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  • or you could just use iView Multimedia...
    2003-06-20 12:30:21  anonymous2 [View]

    How come no one is using Canto Cumulus - have'nt they made an OS X version of their client version yet???

    I know it can handle a gazillion files...

    ;-) TvE
    • or you could just use iView Multimedia...
      2003-12-23 08:20:33  anonymous2 [View]

      I use Cumulus. It has a pretty heavy learning curve and does not seem to integrate into the workflow very well. It does have excellent web publishing capabilities. Canto thought of most everything when they built this program. It's too bad it is really hard to use.
    • or you could just use iView Multimedia...
      2003-12-06 03:17:08  anonymous2 [View]

      I've used Canto Cumulus (3-4 years ago), Extensis Portfolio (4-5 years ago), iPhoto, and iView Multimedia.

      I dropped Extensis because it had some serious bugs with keeping track of pictures as they were moved to external storage (at the time, they may be fixed now).

      Canto was powerful, but I found its interface awkward.

      iPhoto has an easy interface, but it's too limited.

      iView is just right. iPhoto is equivalent to iMovie. iView is equivalent to Final Cut. Canto is equivalent to Avid.
  • Derrick Story photo or you could just use iView Multimedia...
    2003-06-18 08:28:36  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Yes, iView is a terrific product. I have it myself. But keep in mind that it doesn't have the output options that iPhoto does. And I would still recommend that you try the DVD archiving technique I outlined in this article before making any final decisions. It is really cool.