Privacy and Anonymity in Email
Subject:   Freenet is the answer
Date:   2003-06-17 14:42:10
From:   quilty
Response to: Freenet is the answer

I think Freenet is great. It needs a bit more polish in the implementation, and improvement of some topology issues; but I find it very promising.

However, the model of Freenet is quite different from that of email. Email--including anonymized versions--is a party-to-party system on a push model. The sender actively directs a message to an intended recipient or recipients. Freenet, in contrast, is pretty much the same as the web: one publisher, many (unspecified) receivers, with a pull model.

It's not that one is better or worse, they are just for different things. I had considered discussing Freenet, but decided that what it did was simply different enough not to warrant inclusion in this particular article.

David Mertz

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  • Freenet is the answer
    2003-06-26 15:41:13  anonymous2 [View]

    I think you're wrong. Freenet is not necessarily 'pull' by nature. It's largely pull now, but this doesn't mean it will always be. Two different attempts at implementing email-over-freenet have been tried, and one of them has gotten pretty close. And work continues.