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  Privacy and Anonymity in Email
Subject:   Freenet is the answer
Date:   2003-06-17 13:47:57
From:   anonymous2
Freenet is an anonymous publishing system. It is completely decentralized, uses extensive encryption, and is very anonymous. People are posting all sorts of things in it. It comes with a web interface which can be used to view freesites (like the www but inside the safety of freenet) or you can use other software like Frost to access anonymous message boards. Freenet is really an infrastructure on which applications like fproxy (the web interface) and frost can communicate. It is still working out some performance problems but is already quite useful.
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  • Freenet is the answer
    2003-06-17 14:42:10  quilty [View]

    I think Freenet is great. It needs a bit more polish in the implementation, and improvement of some topology issues; but I find it very promising.

    However, the model of Freenet is quite different from that of email. Email--including anonymized versions--is a party-to-party system on a push model. The sender actively directs a message to an intended recipient or recipients. Freenet, in contrast, is pretty much the same as the web: one publisher, many (unspecified) receivers, with a pull model.

    It's not that one is better or worse, they are just for different things. I had considered discussing Freenet, but decided that what it did was simply different enough not to warrant inclusion in this particular article.

    David Mertz
    • Freenet is the answer
      2003-06-26 15:41:13  anonymous2 [View]

      I think you're wrong. Freenet is not necessarily 'pull' by nature. It's largely pull now, but this doesn't mean it will always be. Two different attempts at implementing email-over-freenet have been tried, and one of them has gotten pretty close. And work continues.