Privacy and Anonymity in Email
Subject:   Extremely difficult to use existing software
Date:   2003-06-13 20:05:51
From:   anonymous2
The documentation is inconsistent, incomplete, and not easily put into action. I read about anonymous remailers in the latest 2600. I played with it for hours over a weekend and was able to get the cypherpunk stuff to work in only three instances and the mixmaster stuff never worked. It's too bad, because it could be very useful to write public **Sholes, oops officials, bureaucrats, and do a little whistleblower stuff I've had to let sit on the back burner out of communications concerns. It's frustrating when Windows seems to have better software for this than NIX. Better the article should have done some concrete examples and handholding.
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  • Extremely difficult to use existing software
    2003-06-14 22:07:42  quilty [View]

    I agree about the difficulty of using existing remailers, FWIW. In fact, I mentioned as much in the article--albeit I did not play up the fact. Part of my goal in creating Gnosis-Anon was to address one privacy aspect that would simultaneously be easy to use with regular MUAs (unfortunately, a bug I found today made me invalidate older anonyms; the homepage is clear that it's alpha-level software).

    While I don't think I would agree that it would be simply a -better- article that did hand-holding on the details of using remailers, I do agree that such would be a GOOD article topic. But I felt like writing about the conceptual field of anonymity, and such I did. Of lesser importance to my choice, I don't think I could fit all the nitty-gritty into 1500 words anyway.

    All readers are very much encouraged to write HOWTOs for remailer software. Perhaps O'Reilly would publish such a thing. Or otherwise, I would be perfectly happy to host (on any such documents that need a good home.

    David Mertz