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  Using Regular Expressions and XML Classes to Parse Your Log Files
Subject:   XML is bloat for logfile data
Date:   2003-06-11 09:05:05
From:   anonymous2
While XML makes data more portable, it causes increased bloating at the same time. Especially with log file data. If you have a lot of data in a perfectly readable text-based log file (which likely compresses really well with gzip or bzip), why quadruple it's size by converting it to XML? XML is more useful for non-regular data, where significat meta-data is required to interpret it. For log files, which are highly regular, a few comment lines at the top can provide all the information necessary for parsing the data. e.g. http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-logfile.html

A more useful application of these technologies would be to analyze and summarize the data in the log file and then write a summary report to XML.

This report could then be processed with XSLT or other style processor to produce output in HTML, PDF or any other format of choice.

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  • XML is bloat for logfile data
    2003-06-11 09:07:50  anonymous2 [View]

    On re-reading that seems a little harsh. Sorry. I realize it's meant to be a contrived example.

    The article is nice in that is combines two good classes into one application and this will probably be very useful for lots of users, especially those just getting into regular expressions.

    BTW, uh, what language is that?
    • XML is bloat for logfile data
      2003-06-11 17:27:59  anonymous2 [View]