Using Tomcat 4 Security Realms
Subject:   HTTP 403 - Wrong password and then?
Date:   2003-06-08 10:19:42
From:   anonymous2

i'm interested in the memory realm: what happens if a user types in a wrong password. i'm getting a http error 403 - every time i reload my browser, so i am unable to type in the correct one. this isn't that user friendly... it seems as if this lasts for the hole session. can i change this behavior? would be great to know.

thanks a lot

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  • HTTP 403 - Wrong password and then?
    2004-02-03 23:55:10  sbrbot [View]

    If user types a wrong password, this password is then embedded inside request and sent to the server. Running reload in a browser forces the browser to send the same request once again (with the wrong password!) and of course one san expect only the same answer from the server. Go back to the original authentication page instead.