A Study in Flash Form Submission
Subject:   Multiline text problems
Date:   2003-06-08 04:28:45
From:   anonymous2
This is good, but only when you work when single line.

When you work with multiline you have problems which the ENTER key, because you don't know if the user wants to send the form or just make a line break.

I have seen the "solution" on moock's page, but it only works when user wants only to send the form, because is he/she wants to make a line break he/she will see the form is sent and finished

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  • checkboxes
    2003-07-27 19:58:47  anonymous2 [View]

    If anyone can help would appreciate.
    Using flash 5.
    Have a form that sends to cgi-email and calls
    out a form.txt and then goes to an email address.
    txt file is this format:
    name [Name] etc.

    I have had to had some checkboxes but added function in actions script on frame1:
    function onSubmit () {
    if (Paint.getValue() == true) {
    var Paint = "Paint";
    if (Paint2.getValue() == true) {
    var Paint2 = "Paint2";
    if (Paint3.getValue() == true) {
    var Paint3 = "Paint3";

    //on submit button
    I have it going to:

    on (release) {
    function onSubmit (Value) {
    getURL ("http://www.servername/cgi-bin/cgiemail/textFilename.txt", "", "POST");
    It picks up the text boxes, but not the checkboxes. Can anyone help.