A Gentle Re-Introduction to QuickTime for Java
Subject:   Nice screenshot, but did you actually do your homework?
Date:   2003-06-07 10:29:13
From:   anonymous2
In project builder, changing the Target VM version to 1.3 under Java Compiler Settings doesn't make project builder use the 1.3 jdk.

Did you actually try it before you published it?

I would love to know how to actually make it happen.

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  • Nice screenshot, but did you actually do your homework?
    2003-08-07 05:21:27  anonymous2 [View]

    Recording Rtsp video stream.
    I am looking for a software to be able to record RTSP video Stream. Please let me know at Thanks in advance.
  • Chris Adamson photo Nice screenshot, but did you actually do your homework?
    2003-06-09 13:48:17  Chris Adamson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Ah, I see - I built as a "java tool" in Project Builder, so I was only interested in seeing that a suitable .jar was created. If you're a real PB fan, then you're probably trying to build an OSX application bundle so it's double-clickable.

    This works for me:
    * create a "Java AWT Application" PB project
    * drag in the source file
    * drag in
    * in Targets:Pure-Java Specific, make sure the Main-Class is "com.mac.invalidname.simpleqtplayer.SimpleQTPlayer"
    * under "Target VM Version", select 1.3.* (not 1.3+). This will lock the executable into 1.3 and won't use 1.4 even if it's there.

    I had a little trouble with the classpath. If you do too, look inside the created double clickable (under "build", do ctrl-click for "show package contents") and look under Contents/Resources/Java to verify the name of the jar, which should be the only classpath entry on the pure-java specific panel (probably something like $JAVAROOT/SimpleQTPlayer.jar)

    Mea culpa - I'm an emacs-and-ant guy by nature.

    --Chris (invalidname)