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Subject:   open source tools needed for Open Source Movies
Date:   2003-05-31 10:52:51
From:   brewsterkahle
Nice article about movies that are becoming more available for download, but the tools for making Open Source Movies are primitive or non existant.

If we are to leverage these collections we must be able to deep link into video to string together clips to make new movies with new audio tracks. this could encourage the new filmmaker's rick speaks about.

I hope that the open source community helps build these tools. Please let us at the archive know if there is something we can do to encourage this.


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  • open source tools needed for Open Source Movies
    2003-07-27 09:19:46  anonymous2 [View]

    I don't know exactly what is looked for, but there are
    Linux tools for doing Video.

    There is the mplayer package which includes a program called mencoder which can convert between many formats, transcode is another tool for this.

    There are also video editing tools like MainActor and Cinelerra and a couple more.
  • open source tools needed for Open Source Movies
    2003-05-31 15:12:39  anonymous2 [View]

    just switch to OSX. you get iMovie (constantly awarded "best" low end movie editor on the planet) then you could buy final cut express or final cut if your need grew.

    oh wait. that would mean spending money.

    a lot of people don't take into account the bundled apps when they say a mac is more expensive. (like spending hours configure linux or spending months using sub par tools doesn't cost you in time??)