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Subject:   Can't get past step one!
Date:   2003-05-31 09:21:25
From:   anonymous2
Well instead of complaining I'll just get into it! in this step:

" find the directory containing the WebDAV files, and run these commands:
sudo make install"

I type is everything as stated and this is what happens:

[mastercylinder:~] andrewke% /desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6 ./configure make sudo make install
/desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6: Command not found.

What do I do now?

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  • Can't get past step one!
    2003-05-31 10:24:02  anonymous2 [View]

    here is the latest, somebody please troubleshoot!

    [mastercylinder:~] andrewke% /Users/andrewke/Desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6 ./configure
    /Users/andrewke/Desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6: Permission denied.
    [mastercylinder:~] andrewke% make
    make: Command not found.
    [mastercylinder:~] andrewke% sudo make install
    sudo: make: command not found
    [mastercylinder:~] andrewke% /Users/andrewke/Desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6 sudo make install
    /Users/andrewke/Desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6: Permission denied.
    [mastercylinder:~] andrewke% /Users/andrewke/Desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6 ./configure make sudo make install
    /Users/andrewke/Desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6: Permission denied.
    • Can't get past step one!
      2003-09-14 23:20:47  anonymous2 [View]

      You need to change to the mod_dav directory (cd ~/Desktop/mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6), not type the directory name on the command line, which tells the shell to execute that command (it's why you get a permission denied error... it can't execute a directory).

      Besides which, you don't have the developer tools installed. Go to http://connect.apple.com/ and sign up as an ADC (Apple Developer Connection) Member. Once you're logged in, you can download the 301.2MB December 2002 developer kit.

      Install that and you're halfway there.