A DNS Primer
Subject:   dig works, nslookup doesn't
Date:   2003-05-30 04:25:04
From:   danbenjamin
Response to: dig works, nslookup doesn't

Without knowing exactly what you are doing with your network config, I can take a guess and say that your router needs to re-broadcast the DNS server information it's being assigned when it gets its DHCP info from your ISP, and pass this down to clients (aka your Mac) when it assigns them their NAT addresses.

In other words, there should be a configuration option in the router's setup which should allow you to have it assign DNS addresses to client Macs and PCs.

An even better way to remedy this would be to enter a few DNS servers manually into the TCP/IP tab of the Network panel in System Preferences.

Try using and

Good luck.

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  • dig works, nslookup doesn't
    2003-06-03 03:34:34  ausmike [View]

    Thanks for the suggestions, Dan.

    Had a look at my router's setup and couldn't see any options to have it assign DNS addresses to clients (Netgear RP114 Cable/DSL router). Had a quick bash at assigning DNS servers manually like you suggested, but naturally my internet connection promptly died, so I did what I normally do in these situations: showed no fear, backed out slowly and ... ran like hell to my saved prior configuration!

    I know what all these acronyms stand for (I've even done courses with networking components), and have been using computers fairly proficiently since my mac plus lo those many years ago, but configuring a network is still so much voodoo to me. (I can't even successfully share a usb printer between the desktop and the portable ... even with Rendezvous!) Enjoyed the article, though. Maybe one day ...

    and ps. Just wanted to tell you how glad I was that Zeldman threw his weight around and convinced you to keep Hivelogic going - it broke my heart to see it go down!