Networking in Cocoa
Subject:   a little improvement
Date:   2003-05-29 21:53:28
From:   anonymous2
1. Message can not contain colons:
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  • a little improvement
    2003-05-29 22:06:43  anonymous2 [View]

    Sorry to press the return by accident, let's continue:

    1. Message can not contain colons:
    modify the criteria [msgComponents count] !=3 to [... count] <3
    parse the message string:
    unsigned int hdLen = [(NSString *)[msgComponents ojectAtIndex: 0] length];
    unsigned int nameLen = [... :1] length];
    NSString *msgContents = [message substringFromIndex: hdLen + nameLen + 2*[@":" length]];

    2. the initWithCon... method
    myName = [me copy];
    I think should add a retain message:
    myName = [[me copy] retain];

    3. the last statement of method open...initiator
    should be:
    [chatWC showWindow: nil];
    A typo.
    • a little improvement - another method for the colons
      2003-09-04 03:10:07  anonymous2 [View]

      Make sure you change the check on count as above.

      When we call postMessage:fromPerson in receiveMessage: we can change our call from:

      [self postMessage:[msgComponents objectAtIndex:2]
      fromPerson:[msgComponents objectAtIndex:1]];


      [self postMessage:[msgComponents [[subArrayWithRange: NSMakeRange(2, [msgComponents length] - 1)] componentsJoinedByString:@":"]] fromPerson:[msgComponents objectAtIndex:1]];

      Please double check brackets and that I've constructed that range properly. Granted, this doesn't make for easy reading, but it can be broken up over a couple of lines.