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Weblog:   Apple As Innovator
Subject:   Lemmings was in 1985.
Date:   2003-05-29 16:52:34
From:   anonymous2
If I remember correctly, the Lemmings ad was Apple's second big super bowl ad, which played in 1985, one year after the more famous 1984 ad.
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  • Tim O'Reilly photo Lemmings was in 1985.
    2003-05-29 17:01:08  Tim O'Reilly | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Of course, you're right. I was conflating the two ads. Both were wonderful, but it was the 1984 ad that made the bigger splash. And of course, both made a statement about the meaning of owning an Apple, which is the heart of Dave Hickey's point. My prediction is that this point will grow in importance as computers become more of a commodity. Apple was just ahead of its time in seeing the computer market as an "art market."

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