JBoss Optimizations 101
Subject:   good tips
Date:   2003-05-29 08:51:36
From:   anonymous2
However, I'm new to jboss. I would like to see an article on the apps people use to analyze and find these bottlenecks. Are they commercial? Open source? Does JBoss offer any utilities?
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    2003-05-30 00:52:40  anonymous2 [View]

    Once suspected, most of the problems described in this article are best found... with a white board! It is really about EJB analysis. However, for entity bean contention (pessimistic), you can find an MBean in jboss (in comment as part of conf/jboss-service.xml) that will indicate how much contention a given EB has.


    • good tips
      2003-06-03 11:15:57  patriot1burke [View]

      For locking, JBoss has a lock monitor that monitors how many locks per EJB were made, how many contentions, how much time was lost, the max amount of contentions at one time, etc....

      Look in jboss/server/(all or default)/conf/jboss-service.xml for:

      <!-- Uncomment to enable JMX monitoring of the entity bean locking
      <mbean code="org.jboss.monitor.EntityLockMonitor"



      P.S. THis is documented in our FOR PAY docs.