Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   host name lookup failure...
Date:   2003-05-29 04:09:40
From:   anonymous2
Hi all, I have followed the instructions in this article to get sendmail working, which, so far has worked but when I look at /var/log/mail.log I have the following error

<snip>, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Name server: host name lookup failure

Anyone have any ideas?

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  • host name lookup failure...
    2004-04-12 08:19:32  kernelkonfusion [View]

    OK, i think it had nothing to do with that entry I made in /etc/hosts but because I had added my ISP's DNS servers in the DNS server list in the network control panel, I tested this by removing those and the problem recurred even though I had an entry in /etc/hosts but I was able to resolve the issue by adding them again.
  • host name lookup failure...
    2004-04-06 21:24:10  kernelkonfusion [View]

    I had the very same issue with sendmail when I tried to set it up recently. I had all but given up on it to wait for my Panther distribution but I was tidying up some settings on my Mac for a recent LAN renumbering when I fixed it by adding an entry for the local IP address in /etc/hosts file. I am not sure why this worked and it implies that sendmail's message was misleadingly not indicative of some problem with the destination IP but the local host IP.
  • host name lookup failure...
    2003-06-24 22:31:18  macmartin [View]

    Your DNS is not set up properly -
    this can have various reasons -
    maybe you are not connected to the internet when sending -
    there are severeal solutions to this, depending on your newtork-environment -

    tell me more about your set-up and i guess i will find the solution.
    you might be able to solve this by just using the /etc/hosts - file and/or the mailertable in a home environment.

    regards from germany