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  Data Persistence with Waba
Subject:   waba and persistence
Date:   2003-05-26 19:04:43
From:   dmiron
I found your article informative. I am reasonably new to Palm programming. I still have the following question:

If I have an application that requires access to a file eg data.txt how can I access that data from my palm application?

Would very much love an answer to this one.

Kind regards


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  • waba and persistence
    2006-04-05 14:37:59  rios [View]

    • waba and persistence
      2008-11-19 02:12:33  ronuhr [View]

      I'm new in superwaba and working with Catalog using superwaba and eclipse.
      I've write byte value of String to database and later read it from database.
      It shows on the applet view but not show in simulator even can't write any value.

      Can You pls help me?