How Servlet Containers Work
Subject:   servlet examples in business scenario
Date:   2003-05-26 00:16:22
From:   anonymous2
Hi Budy, Do you have any business scenario examples on servlet? If u do, can you send me some examples with a little bit of explanation? This will help me to understand better about java servlets. Thanks...


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  • servlet examples in business scenario
    2008-06-19 13:50:27  jtai1111 [View]

    servlets help any business initiative use java to process customer facing applications. One of the great advantages of this, is that from a business perspective, you can cut your costs by creating all that IT security on the backend(as close tot he database as possible) which is how it should be considering hackers can use proxies(google it) to alter requests and get by flimsy javascript filters.

    Without servlets, java apps cannot be used for web apps.

    -hope this helps
  • servlet examples in business scenario
    2006-06-07 02:37:35  ralfmmx [View]

    Just google it!