Location, Location, Location: Tips for Storing Web Site Files
Subject:   Forbidden 403 Error on Virtual Hosts?
Date:   2003-05-18 23:39:54
From:   anonymous2
I have been through the directions 3 times and can't figure what I messed up. I have three separate virtual domains setup in both etc/hosts and httpd.conf. All provide the same error message.

Do I need to add "Allow from all" to the master <Directory> section? This already appears under the root document directory and in

"Include /private/etc/httpd/users" which is the last line of httpd.conf

Suggestions please.

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  • Forbidden 403 Error on Virtual Hosts?
    2003-05-19 14:20:17  anonymous2 [View]

    Check and make sure every directory from / down to the directory your serving files from has execute permission set for all users. You need to make sure that *every* directory in the path has this set. The lack of this can produce a 403 error.
  • Same problem with me!
    2003-05-19 09:41:40  anonymous2 [View]

    I have a 403 Error, too. I did it exactly like the tutorial sais, so I would be glad if someone could help...

    Thank you.
    • Try this...
      2003-05-19 14:00:48  icalshare [View]

      Hmmm... not sure what's causing that.

      It may help to look at the complete Apache config file I used for this article. (This conf comes straight from my main dev machine -- and it's working fine.)

      • Try this...
        2003-05-19 16:43:46  anonymous2 [View]

        Okay. One thing was different and that was the document root. Mine still said "/Library/WebServer/Douments" while yours was set to "/Users/patrick/Sites"

        I changes this accordingly and followed the permission advice of the other poster. Now my error is a simple File Not Found.

        I am attempting to set the document root for the Virtual hosts outside of the root. Do I need to set an alias somewhere or mess with NetInfo?
        • Try this...
          2003-05-19 17:12:43  anonymous2 [View]

          Update - couldn't edit previous without joining ;)

          Typos in Virtualhost names. Only exception was directory with "-" was not accepted. When that was removed from hostname all three sites work! Yeah!

          Thanks for the help everyone.
        • Re: Try this...
          2003-05-19 17:06:34  icalshare [View]

          There's no problem with setting the document root for a VirtualHost outside of your default web root. (That's sort of the point of Option 3.)

          That said, if you're getting a 404 error, it's probably a different issue.