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Subject:   Name-based virtualhosting made easy
Date:   2003-05-16 18:48:19
From:   opatrickly
I have written a script that I use to add name-based virtualhosts to my Mac OS X machine. It uses NetInfoManager to add the name into the system, and Apache's NameVirtualHost directive. All the virtualhosts the scripts add are strictly local, so you don't have to worry about others snooping about your work. If you care to try it out, you can read more about it here:


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  • Name-based virtualhosting made easy
    2003-11-15 13:18:54  anonymous2 [View]

    i spent days messing with "httpd.conf" and "hosts" trying to get virtualhosts to work. i read this article, the apache manual and other tutorials. everyone recommended different stuff; nothing worked.

    patrick's solution to use netinfo manager and save other directives in "/etc/httpd/virtualhosts/" is simple and elegant. using his shell script makes it even easier.

    check out his site.

    thanks, patrick.