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  Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   Screenshots in JPEG
Date:   2003-05-15 13:23:18
From:   anonymous2
Screenshots are currently saved as a PDF file. (OSX 10.2.6) I need them to be saved in JPEG. I tried entering the terminal command (defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleScreenShotFormat JPEG) from David Pogue's book "Mac OSX The Missing Manual" but it dosen't work. Any suggestions?
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  • Screenshots in JPEG
    2003-05-20 02:36:40  anonymous2 [View]

    Use Grab. It's an application in the utilities folder. It makes TIFF files which can then be translated to JPEG. There's the same type of snap all and selected area. And it's easy to use. When I don't want a PDF file, I use it.