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  What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   It has never let me down... FOXPRO (VFP)
Date:   2003-05-14 10:47:16
From:   anonymous2
Fast Development Easy to use Robust Dynamic use of Databases It keeps up with the times Simple application deployment Good Reference tools on the web Strong user base 3rd Party Add-ons Owned by Microsoft Can make Apps for the WEB Low Cost And the Fox is Cute too! ************ FoxPro VFP8 What are you waiting for!
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  • It has never let me down... FOXPRO (VFP)
    2003-12-02 08:40:10  anonymous2 [View]

    I python, perl, plain C and VFP. VFP is a joy to code. Except for python, I have found nothing superior in the "open source" world except for python. But python is a language when vfp is a full dev. environment. MS VFP team, continue the good work.
    On my dream wishlist a "dev. environment" by "good old borland" at the driving seat, python as language and wxwindows as gui.
    Only dreaming:)
  • It has never let me down... FOXPRO (VFP)
    2003-05-14 13:12:50  anonymous2 [View]

    Some one Tell me why I keep hearing VFP is going to be dropped my MS! I just got a Copy of VFP7 and its great! Now I hear that ver. 8 just came out, can it be any better? Why is VFP such the ugly duckling?
  • It has never let me down... FOXPRO (VFP)
    2003-05-14 11:04:44  anonymous2 [View]

    I wholeheartedly agree. The Fox Rocks!