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  What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   C rules, everything else vacuums lint
Date:   2003-05-14 10:41:47
From:   anonymous2

OOP is for programmers who aren't smart enough to know how computers really work -- or who know how computers work, but are too lazy to care how much they abuse the cache, memory usage, etc.


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  • C rules, everything else vacuums lint
    2003-05-14 11:50:50  anonymous2 [View]

    OOP is great for Code-reusablility and software management and large scale software architectures. Maintaining all that in C is a manager's nightmare. My $0.02
    • C rules, everything else vacuums lint
      2003-05-14 12:10:21  anonymous2 [View]

      Your absolutely right, but sometimes doesn't optimize to the fullest. C is for losers who don't understand how to write assembly code.


      (not to be taken seriously ..)
      • C rules, everything else vacuums lint
        2003-05-14 16:18:48  anonymous2 [View]

        What are you talking about? Assembly languages are for noobs that can't be bothered with learning all the opcodes and instruction formats of their chosen processor.

        CPU's are for software weenies who are too dumb to design their own logic.

        Logic gates are for morons too simple to string two transistors together.
        • C rules, everything else vacuums lint
          2003-05-14 21:33:45  anonymous2 [View]

          Transistors are for simple minded, treehuggers who either can't figure out how a few million triodes and a couple megawatts of juice can make a perfecly good processor, or are to sissy to cut down a few thousand trees and dig up a national park to get some fuel for the power grid. The processor isn't going to be too fast, but of course it isn't going to matter much because you don't have to worry about some wasteful compiler producing less than optimal code as you are going to hard-wire all of your programs into the circuit anyway.
          • C rules, everything else vacuums lint
            2003-05-15 01:42:04  anonymous2 [View]

            As the man said - solder is the best programming language :-)

  • C rules, everything else vacuums lint
    2003-05-25 09:37:07  anonymous2 [View]

    You're an idiot.

    C is just an abstraction built on abstraction built on abstraction .. As suggested by the responses already posted to your comment, you can drill down as deep as you want. Simply because someone uses OOP doesn't mean they don't understand how computers really work, you pretentious elitist pr|ck.

    If somebody needs to write a program that solves some real-world problem, doesn't it result in a better product in the end that time can be spent coding ways to that real-world problem rather than dealing with these lower-level issues of cacheing, memory allocation, etc.? Isn't it better to be abstracted from these issues rather than to have to deal with them in addition to dealing with the problem at hand?

    We write code to handle these problems of caching, memory allocation, etc., in order to more efficiently handle the real problems. Yes, oftentimes the program will be more efficient and you get to show off your l33t coding skillz if it was written from scratch in C, but I'll bet that the real-world problems solving and maintainability of a program written in a language abstracting the coder from these low-level issues will result in a better end product.

    I will definitely agree that knowing how computers truely work at ALL levels will allow you to be a better programmer. Watching novice developers who have only ever known OOP oftentimes leaves my head shaking. If they knew the bigger picture, they WOULD be better at what they do.

    Remember, computers are machines built to serve US. The minute you start coding to their limitations you're missing the point. The point is NOT to demonstrate your ability to manage memory allocation, the point is to use the machine to best serve you.