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  What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   U suX0r!
Date:   2003-05-14 10:37:40
From:   anonymous2
Ph33r m3 c0z u sUx0r! 411 14N6u463$ ru13 n00b!

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  • U suX0r!
    2003-05-14 16:20:25  anonymous2 [View]

    Could you speak English? I don't read lEEt (or is that Perl?).
    • U suX0r!
      2003-06-11 16:33:56  anonymous2 [View]


      Ph33r m3 c0z u sUx0r! 411 14N6u463$ ru13 n00b!


      Fear me because you suck! All languages rule, newbie!


      Now that's a good argument... NOT.
      • U suX0r!
        2003-07-16 03:11:53  anonymous2 [View]

        Ah, it's a compression format.
    • U suX0r!
      2008-03-22 16:09:35  Rex the Strange [View]

      That's always been my point. Computers are for the convenience of humans, not the other way around. And we, in humanity, use words, not stupid symbols and groups of nonsensical characters to get our message across. So why should it be any different when we're talking to computers? They are our slaves. They should speak our language. If you want to be a slave to the way a computer talks then just go ahead and write your damn program in machine language (no, not an assembler - actual machine 1s and 0s).

      That's why that ridiculous C family of languages (and by that I mean any language that employs those stupid C symbolic conventions: C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, PHP, JavaScript - the list is endless because people are too stupid to realize that it's pathetic gobbledigook that should be abandoned now before more damage is done to young, impressionable minds) is an anathema to human existence.

      Use a language that actually uses words like Pascal/Delphi or Basic. Otherwise, show us how computer savvy you really are (and how stupid) by churning out those endless 1s and 0s.