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  Embedded Linux: Semantics and Reality
Subject:   I don't understand this...
Date:   2003-05-14 06:47:26
From:   karim-yaghmour
Response to: I don't understand this...

What I'm stating in the article is that many people _used_ to mean just the kernel, but that this isn't the case anymore. Many people today use "embedded Linux" in a very broad fashion, which has rendered its meaning difficult to identify if it isn't used as an adjective (ex: by explicitely adding the "kernel" at the end.)
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  • I don't understand this...
    2003-05-15 10:56:19  anonymous2 [View]

    So what. You could have explained that in one paragraph, then got to something constructive about the subject. You spent a lot of time talking about google. No one really cares. We just care how to get either a Linux distribution or a Linux Kernel into a non-general purpose device.

    Hopefully, your next article will actually have some substance. I hope you didn't spend this much time in your book talking about this subject.